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Pocahontas by rockinmidnight18 Pocahontas by rockinmidnight18
this one i've been wanting to do for a good while but never gotten around to it. but this is the disney version of pocahontas based off a real person. everyone knows well that this movie made disney go down in the bomb box :/ i will agree it's not very accurate with it's research on history and the disney romance they try to do in the movie which some people don't want to see a 16-17 year old pocahontas fall in love with the first white man she sees. (Hmm, sound familiar.) the basics were Pocahontas met John Smith when she was 11 when the men were to take over some land and build james town (Which still excist today) and they bonded but not in a romantic relation. she falls in love with another when john smith leaves james town and when Pocahontas gets kidnapped for exchange, she then gets a new name and goes by the christianity religon and is given the name "Rebecca". then after words another man name John Rolfe. he has the hots for her, he helps her learn english, learning how to read and with the tobacco plants (Which in fact made the village very rich for the rich tobacco) soon after words they both get married and have a son name Thomas. Till John is invited to go back to england but this has Rebecca have a hard choice on leaving her homeland to go to the "New World". so her, her husband and son travel to england to meet the king and queen. she makes a first impression well then later on an artist paints her in the outfit that she was introduced to the court. this would be the accurate painting of the real pocahontas and probably the only one ([link])

But as they stayed in london, Pocahontas starts to become ill and then catches Small Pox (It's really hard to cure small pox back then.) Then after words at the age of 20 she dies. and her body is rested in the cemetary in england.

Yeah you probably wouldn't of thought of the real story of her life XD eh i just gaved you guys the summary but that's the basics. but i don't care what people say, i like the movie XD i grew up with the movie and still like it. i didn't say i love the movie i just said for the 3rd time now that i LIKE the movie. but hope you disney princess fans like it :)

(This version of Pocahontas belongs to disney)

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MightyMorphinPower4 Featured By Owner Feb 24, 2013
Beatiful work on her
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May 15, 2012
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